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Pantone has cast judgement: 2017 will be a green year. And you’ll say, “Oh no, that scares me!” because, indeed, we know, there are lots of greens and they are so different that… can you imagine the colour of the year being that dark brownish green that in Catalan we call “goose shit”?

Reader’s note: in case you didn’t know, this year the ugliest colour in the world was decided and yes, it is also green.

Returning to the question, we are sure that that it will not be the same if the colour of the year is kiwi green than if it was khaki. In fact we are surrounded by green: lettuces, avocadoes, pine trees, peas, weeds, herbs, Starbucks, Lacoste, Spotify and Whatsapp, crocodiles, cacti, beans and Swiss chard. All of them, but all of them, are green.

So among all the greens that occupy your life, today we want to introduce you to our dear Pantone 15-0343, Greenery to friends.

Greenery is the green of the grass and the trees, with a slight yellowish tinge. It is a sparkling and fresh colour, which recalls the first days of spring, when the greens of nature revive, renew and recover.

If when we were young, at school they taught us the three “R”s of ecology (recycle, reuse and reduce), now the three “R”s bring us Greenery: Regenerate, Refresh and Renew. Because Greenery is very clear about something: it wants us to slow down, it comes to fight against stress, anxiety, city life and pollution. Greenery invites you to breathe deeply, take in oxygen and revitalise yourself. Just like spring it leads into a new cycle, Greenery reaffirms life, hope and new opportunities.

15 days remain for the kingdom of Serenity and Pink Quartz to end, the Pantone colours of 2016, and the tones of dusk pass the baton to the vitality of the earth and spring nature.

In conclusion (if you are one of those people who reads articles in paragraphs, stop at the end of this one): green will tinge the incoming year, from designs and logos to packs, packaging, accessories and shirts, ties, dresses, walls, furniture, eye shadow and nail varnish.

Our dear Pantone 2017 arrives with a drumroll, and you can start getting your welcome poster ready because Greenery and you are going to meet face-to-face, for sure, more than once.