Real de La Quinta

Real de La Quinta
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Integral project

Real de La Quinta is the brand of the new project of the Grupo Inmobiliario La Quinta (Corporación Pascual) with which it clearly shares corporate values: integrity, closeness, passion, innovation and quality.

It is an estate of 200 hectares with a personalised construction of villas and apartments carefully distributed around a hotel, restaurants, shops, golf course and academy, spa, horse-riding centre, orchards and a sports lake.

The challenge…

The project we were set was that of a global brand, aligning the brand strategy and identity to the defined corporate strategy and creating:

  • A differential, relevant, credible and lasting positioning.
  • A flexible, clear and focused brand architecture.
  • A distinctive, consistent and coherent verbal and visual identity in all the points of contact.
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Visual identity

As regards the visual identity, we create a brand that joins the most important values, attributes and personality of the brand: elegant, sophisticated and modern that adapts to the new generations. Transmitting the lively, positive and cheerful character of the Mediterranean, which combines with the practical, innovative and competent spirit of northern Europe.

The main brand is formed by a typographical composition of the actual name of Real de La Quinta and by a calligraphic symbol that represents the R of Real and the Q of La Quinta.

Moreover, the visual universe is enriched by a series of areas produced from the characteristics that surround the brand: nature, culture, quality, service, innovation and tradition.

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Welcome to your Real Home

eal de la Quinta is an exclusive privilege based on the REAL LIFE concept, where innovation, nature, peace and quiet, privacy, security and the pleasure of living coexist. A paradise to live the life we have always dreamt of. A REAL life, where the two meanings of the word interlace to give consistency to a totally unique concept. An inspirational brand, in both the functional and emotional setting.

From the brand concept comes: “Welcome to your REAL LIFE” as a base of the verbal identity of the brand, as the raison d’être of Real de La Quinta.

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To sum up. It is an integral project, from the brand strategy, the creation of identity and expression in all its contact points to the launch to the different interests groups.