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Towards excellence

The merger of Fluidra and Zodiac marks a turning point for the swimming pool and wellness sector, establishing the leading company internationally. At such an important moment in time, it was necessary to undertake a complete revision of the corporate brand identity, to ensure a coherence and alignment with the new business reality.


An integral project

An integral project was designed that maintained the recognition that had been built about Fluidra until then, but updating and renewing the brand to transmit its positioning and leadership.


The challenge

Our challenge consisted of revising and defining, along with the client, the strategic concept and positioning of the brand, articulating them through a new solid and relevant verbal and visual identity, implementing it rigorously in all the necessary contact points and communicating the new identity to the different groups of interest, both internal and external.


Modernity and simplicity

The first visible sign of the fusion was the creation of the new logo, which reflects what the company has achieved thanks to this fusion: becoming a leading company, strong and innovative. The new logo had to express modernity and “fluidity”, defining traits of Fluidra.

To achieve this, we designed a new typography, softening the angles of the letters and giving them more personality in order to align the visual identity to its values and attributes.

Modernity and simplicity

We also developed a visual universe based on the symbol that previously accompanied the brand, but from a renewed focus, with a sober and minimalist yet distinctive and appropriable expression. We apply this universe to every contact point of the brand creating a coherent and singular whole.

The result is a renewed brand, provided with a visual universe and verbal identity that reflect in every detail the new positioning and proposal of the company: to create the perfect experience in pool and wellness.