Rubi, from the product to the experience

RUBI was founded in 1951 with the patent of the first ceramic cutting machine. Today it is a brand specialising in tools and machinery for the cutting and installation of ceramics. The quality of its products and its excellent customer service place it as a benchmark in the market. Moreover, its training work for professionals and its extensive network of demonstrators ensure that the company builds up an increasingly more solid relationship with the ceramics professional.

RUBI, absorbed in a business transformation process, came to Columna with the challenge of evolving their brand to adapt to both its positioning and design to the new needs and opportunities afforded to the company.

Preparing the brand

to continue building

the future

The first step in this process was defining a brand strategy and positioning built from the business strategy set out by the client. In this context the innovation, professionalization, individualisation of the offer and above all, the 360º experience, became the basis of the brand strategy.

The new proposal of the company was also defined: Better professionals, better places. Where the company promised to help the professionals to get better every day, so that together they could build a better home to live in for everyone.

Parallel to this, its brand architecture was simplified through the implementation of a monolithic architecture under the RUBI brand, which strengthened the product brand to the utmost.

The Rubi Experience

Further, the segmentation of the products was reorganised, dividing the more than 1,000 references of the company into 5 large groups according to their moment of use: Preparation, Cutting, Installation, Grouting and Cleaning. This enabled providing the client with clarity, and with a better “RUBI Experience”.

In line with this very objective, a photographic style was created that placed the professionals in the central role, and a photo session undertaken where the workers take central stage along with the tools of the brand.

In the same way and defending equality in the construction sector, models of different genders and ethnic backgrounds are included.

Finally, the portfolio is hierarchized in three levels of service: Pro, Superpro and Premium.

Our greatest asset,

our logo

Based on the original identity of the RUBI brand, but with a more modern and relevant focus, a new visual universe was created aligned to the brand concept that had a main objective: capitalise the corporate colour and highlight the importance of the most relevant Key Visual of the brand, the rhombus of its logo.

This element was crucial in the two most relevant points of the project: the packaging design and POS advertising; which would enable us to lead the shop shelf with greater visibility, renown and clarity for the client.

El packaging

A new structural system of packaging was introduced, with the levels of information simplified, placing the focus on the logo of the brand, always capitalising the top left and the product photo, and supported by the key visual of the brand, the rhombus. The didactics are achieved through a very detailed iconographic system, since the packaging designs must function in more than 120 countries where the company is present.

Additionally, a key in the lower right-hand side shows the “RUBI Experience” stage to which the product belongs. The right-hand area of each of the designs will show the level of services to which the product belongs.

The point of sale

The main aim of POS strategy is to improve the visibility of the product at the point of sale, capitalising on the red colour, introducing 45º corners and generating greater visibility of the product depending on the needs of each group pf products.

The industrial design provides a new dimension to the brand, offering an infinite number of volumetric possibilities that would be incorporated in the different contact points with the consumer.

The result: a very powerful Brand block only within the reach of a leading brand, with a great didactic desire that will facilitate interaction with the ceramics professionals.

Work well done does not have limit

And this is just the beginning. Together with RUBI we have the big challenge of continuing to make the RUBI Experience grow, day by day, strengthening the pioneering DNA of the brand, promoting sustainability in every step of the process, but above all, building the future together.