The context

If there is an unmistakable star on what is popularly known as “the happiest day of your life”, it is without doubt the dress the bride wears on such an outstanding occasion. That is why choosing this garment is a very relevant decision and the brand plays a fundamental role in this.

The project of Inmaculada Garcia was marked from the beginning by a clear objective: to create a brand on a par with their designs, capable of transmitting the quality, care for detail and respect for the uniqueness of every woman that characterises its creations.


The new identity of Inmaculada

After the stage of analysis and strategic definition in which the attributes and values of the brand were identified, a new visual and verbal identity was developed that enabled them to be clearly and coherently transmitted.

The logo was updated, maintaining some identifying traits to ensure the recognition by the current public, but renewing it to allow the brand to transmit its real value clearly and relevantly.

Tarjetas Inmaculada
sobres inmaculada

The visual universe

The visual universe, marked by careful details and singular elements, is present in every material developed and ensures a coherent perception and complete experience by the clients who wear their designs.

To sum up, each possible element and resource of the verbal and visual identity was defined in order to transmit the proposal that guides its creations: that the woman feels unique and herself in the most important moments in her life.

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