enzyneer 7

“Natural bio-stimulant technology”

Bioiberica is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and commercialises its own products in the domestic and international market exporting to over 50 countries.

Its Plant Physiology division has spent more than 20 years working in the field of agronomy offering solutions for fighting plant stress and biological attractions for controlling plagues. Its differentiation in amino acid products is the extractive technology it uses: enzymatic hydrolysis, which offers a natural and unique solution in the attainment of bioactive compounds.

The challenge

Our challenge was to create a global brand for this technology: a distinctive brand, renowned and relevant, aligned to the defined positioning and which enables Bioiberica to compete better and lead the segment. From the brand strategy and creation of the brand name and identity, to the design of all the applications.

Together with the client, we co-define the brand concept and its essence (“Natural bio-stimulant technology”) as well as the main attributes over which to construct its identity:  quality – global sustainability – reliability – exclusive process – production – pharmaceutical guarantee – specialisation. Moreover, we establish the guidelines for the coexistence between this “ingredient” brand and the product brands.

Afterwards, and aligned to the brand concept, we create the name, valid from a legal, linguistic and marketing point of view: Enzyneer®, an evocative name that speaks to us of the “engineer of enzymes” and to which a tagline accompanies it: “The power of enzymes, the strength of technology”.


Visual identity

Finally, we work the visual identity of the brand. The logotype represents the union of the biology, the corporate brand and the naturalness of the product. It is expressed with a chain of DNA that inspires the form of a flower that collects the letter E, this symbol next to “Powered by”, working as a seal in some of the applications. As regards the brand colours, they describe the main attribute of the technology: natural, in relation to the corporate colours of Bioiberica.

We provide its visual universe with clean, inspiring photographs that evoke technology and naturalness.

With Enzyneer®, Bioiberica strengthens its positioning giving value to the bio-stimulant technology with which it nourishes its products.